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We're Moving to Ner'zhul
You heard right, we're moving to Ner'zhul! Love it or hate it, Nazjatar's declining population has made it difficult to recruit raiders and results in a less stable economy. So, a couple weeks after the MoP release, the guild will be transferring to Ner'zhul.

If you want to keep your guild rep during the transfer, here's what you need to know:
  • The date for the server transfer is October 13th.
  • DO NOT transfer your character before the guild is transferred.
  • Once the guild transfer is complete, your characters on Nazjatar will be left in a level 1 version of RL BL.
  • DO NOT leave this level 1 guild.
  • Go to your account and transfer your character to Ner'zhul.
  • When your transfer is complete, you'll automatically be in RL BL on Ner'zhul with the same guild rep and membership status.
The level 1 version of RL BL that gets left behind on Nazjatar will stick around for a bit to give people time to transfer all their alts. If you're not interested in leaving Nazjatar and need a place to park your toons, feel free to talk to Onegative.
Welcome to RL BL! We're a laid back, semi-casual raiding guild on Nazjatar-Horde. Cataclysm happened, and new bosses are around for the killing, and we plan to kill them. Also, we plan to have fun doing it ... crazy talk I know. 

An example of a Real Life Bloodlust. Notice that a Real Life Bloodlust can cause one to become nangry, that is, being so angry one gets naked.

About Us
As mentioned, we are a semi-casual raiding guild. We raid two nights a week (Wed/Mon usually), but we're pretty serious about killing stuff be it raid bosses some PvP (world or otherwise), or mercilessly hunting our own guild members with Alliance toons ... I mean that's never happened. The guild is pretty laid back; if you don't like irreverent jokes or people talking about your mom, you may want to think twice about heading into a raid with us. Yes, thick skin required for RL BL.

Loot System
We use EPGP for our loot system; check out the EPGP post for more information.

Signing Up
If you're a member of RL BL, apply to join the guild online at the link at the top of the page. Be sure to fill in your characters on the second page of the application so we know who you are. An officer will approve you as soon as possible so you have access to member-only areas. If you aren't the application process is in the guest section of the Forums.
Guild News
Other Guild News

Atramedes is one dead blind dragon!

Badas-GM, May 13, 11 5:09 PM.
He met his match (granted it was a couple weeks back, but I was crazy lazy about it) and died a terrible death instead of us, and then crapped out purples for us to take. Word on the street is that Chimaeron also died, but screenshots are pending on that nonsense.

Maloriak dies!!

Badas-GM, Mar 10, 11 8:01 PM.
So it was that the lockout was extended and Maloriak was killed. Impy son of a bitch deserved it. Solid attempts were put in on Atramedes the blind dragon guy, who Mest pissed off. He will also feel the ifinite wrath of RL BL soon enough!

A Look Back, A Look Around, and A Look Ahead!

Badas-GM, Feb 24, 11 7:10 PM.

Don't mind this screenshot that is a week late, but I totally forgot about it and wanted to take the time to add a little RL BL goodness onto the pic. Good times were had there handing Halfus and crew their ass (not so much on getting to Halfus, because that trash is retarded.) We smoked BH this week and Magmaw never saw it comin. FSD was a little rough, and Maloriak has evaded our wrath for the last time, next week he dies! Lets all hope that the loot table smiles on us and we don't get the same item 3 times off the same boss. *cross fingers* no more Parasitic Bands please.

RL BL kicks ass and forgets names!

Badas-GM, Feb 10, 11 5:23 AM.
Another awesome night of raiding behind us, and many more on the horizon. Magmaw in two shots, and FSD (Four Stone Dudes) in one. Maloriak will go down next week without a doubt! He can't stand up to our awesome power!


The Death of Magmaw 25!

Badas-GM, Feb 3, 11 6:17 PM.
Good times were had while raiding last night! Magmaw on 25man died, and in 2 attempts if memory serves. It was all about not standing in the Pillar of Column. Some seriously solid attempts on Omnitron Defense System aka FSD (Four Stone Dudes) were made, and they will die soon. Bastion of Twilight was a bit rough on the trash, but it was asses to elbows with mobs in there, and another run or two will get that to a science. All in all asses were kicked and fun was had. Can't ask for more than that.
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